Travel by Train – An Alternative To Flying

Feb 18 2022 Published by dayat under Uncategorized

With airfare through the roof for some routes and the potential threat to privacy of security screening, more and more people are opting to travel domestically either by car or by train these days. Once not too long ago, most long-distance travel was accomplished comfortably by train.

Some families have chosen the comfort and luxury of the railway over the stuffed, turbulent travel in a tube of a plane. Some people also consider travel by train a way of giving back to the environment by using a less pollution producing means of travel.

The ones who do use cars know that a “good trip” might mean that there is fast food, dirty rest stops and potential accidents waiting around every curve. Back when cars were scarce and people took trains more often than today traveled in a luxury that an airplane and car simply cannot compete with.

In those days there weren’t a lot of paved highways anyway, so the ride was horrible. Today there are plenty of great travelways but you have to contend with traffic, poor drivers and frequent stops for gas. Airplanes today are nothing more than pollution producers and do not provide the comforts of train travel.

Back when trains were a primary source of long distance travel air travel was only for those who had lots and lots of money. So people traveled by train, and passenger comfort wasn’t high on the priority list of the train companies. Today, however, times have changed! You can have full cooked meals in the luxury of your own sleeping compartment.

There is an observation car that you get to see the countryside that you pass through. If you are doing business, there is highspeed internet access and in some trains the sleeping compartments even have TV’s with console games for the kids.

Back in the day when trains were a primary source of long distance travel every trip was an adventure and had the appeal of something right out of the pages of a novel.

Today, train travel is fast, safe and still holds the air of adventure. It’s not as fast as air travel, of course, but it is very fast compared to a bus or even a car in some respects. In many foreign countries, train travel even rivals air travel for speed and exceeds air travel in punctuality which can be of importance to business travelers.

Many times when people choose to travel by train today, the destination is important, but the adventure of the trip can be well more than half the fun.

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